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I bought my USED car on [protected]…9 days into driving my car the air pressure light came on, took it to a local mechanic in town to tell me my tires were SHOT, all four…I was told my the “salesman” that I should get 40 thousand miles on theses tires..NOT…so I took it back to Kia and after MUCH talking back and forth I got NEW TIRES… two days later the air pressure light came back on!!! at work I was told by a co-worked my BRAKE LIGHTS weren’t ON…So back to dealership AGAIN…HADNT even made the FIRST PAYMENT YET… Back brake lights(both) were SHOT…and the air pressure gauges in the two back tire were BLOWN… I mean REALLY???? NOW i have to go back again because “something” is rattling in the back so much it bothers me when I’m driving..I thought all USED CAR were inspected and PRE-CERTIFIED “safe”… I have bought two NEW cars from them before and NO PROBLEM, now I buy a USE CAR and I feel like I was yesterdays “trash”…Never had such POOR SERVICE or DISRESPECT in my life…

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