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Hello ladies, my name is Christina, I’m a young 18 year old girl and I’m pregnant, I’ve been with this guy, jeff. For almost 3 years, heshe’s lived in my home, slept in my bed, had sex with me, weve been helping each other financially as well, we used to do every thing together. A few months ago he started talking to this biracial girl named Kia (i pointed out her race because me and Jeff are both white and i didnt want any one getting the pictures confused). They used instant messsenger on Facebook for months, whrn i notice he began to become more secretive, hiding his phone, and he started pushing me away as well. One night we were cuddled up in bed and i seen that he was talking dirty to this other woman, asking her how many times their phone sex made her orgasm last night and such. So i looked through his phone, as we always did to each other from time to time because of past relationships we both were in and got cheated on, i seen him sending her pics of his manly hood and her sending him nudes along with, tons of sexual messages. When I approached him about it, he told me it’s because I’m 5 1/2 months pregnant, and im fat and nasty, and i can no longer satisfy him in bed. I got really upset over this because im letting the child he helped create grow insidr of me and be loved by me unconditionally. || He never acted that rude to me before he started talking to that woman, he even stopping feeling our daughters movements, well last month on October 19th he had told me he was going up his fathers house after work, to vist his little sister, and i had found out that he had posted that he was in a relationship with this kia girl by receiving a phone call from my mother tellint me of his relationship status om facebook which hes blocked me from. That same day he had also just started his new job, well now because of her, he denys our baby, hes disrespectful, he refuses to leave my home, and the cops said i cant get him removed unless he puts his hands on me since his name is on the lease for my apartment, he wont help me pay for anything for his unborn child, and the worse part is he sneaks in my bed and still trys having sex with me like everything is ok when its not, and ive told this woman over and over again he has a family and we were happy and engaged before she came into the picture, ive told her how he sneaks into my bed and all and she just doesnt care, but ive recently learned her daddys rich and he cut off her funding because she quit going to college no matter how many times i tell Jeff shes a homewrecking whore he wont believe me, or leave my house, im at a lost at what to do about this.

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