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Complaint: I wish I had found out this website first. We started building our house from Liberty Home Builders in NW Houston in late 2014. Nothing but issues on the house and we are still unable to get decent help. When we first came and met with Khris Sutton, he was friendly at first. After signing the contract with him, my other my interactions with Mr. Sutton, I found him to be dishonest, unreliable, and have extremely poor character. There other reports on Khris Sutton on here and other complain websites. He wanted me to pay an extension fee even though the house was not complete. There has been many problems with the house. The front door has a gap on the top leaving a space to where you can see light come into the house because they did not seal the top of door correctly. Also, the house on the outside needs to have a lot of touch ups with paint and powered wash to get cement that was splattered on the walls. Both our bathrooms are leaking from the drywall. We had issues with the way they install the tiles in our master bedroom. Our kitchen sink was also leaking. In addition, our garage didnu2019t open correctly. If I could, I would want Liberty to buy back this home.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Houston, Texas USA

Website: 16130 Hollister Street


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