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Complaint: Last month (Feb 2012) my family of 8 people decided to relocated from Montana to Texas for educational purposes. I had been searching all over the internet for rentals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and in a few other TX markets to find a great deal for my family. I knew I needed 4 bedrooms and was not opposed to doing minor repairs such as painting and some good old hard work like carpet scrubbing if need be. I found on Craigslist a man named Khosrow Sadeghian with Peram Realty that had many places for rent to own and so I called him and we got to talking about an address that he told me was going to be just perfect for my family as it was 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom in decent shape and that he would treat me like his special guest form out of town! To top it off he would take $200 a month off for me making repairs like the painting and a few busted bulbs that needed done but assured me the house was in livable condition and it would be ready for our arrival. I got his full treatment alright! We signed the lease (that had been backdated a full week) in the middle of February because in Fort Worth the Water department needs a lease on file so I was told a temporary lease would be no problem and that we would work out our discussed details upon our arrival in his office. My first mistake. So we were in process of getting the place ready (it had been vacant for about a year I was told) and he said that his crew had to clean a bunch of trash out of the garage and the utilities had some issues with permits I had to pay for, so I paid them and waited until he told me the place was ready, my second mistake. Once he said they were putting the finishing touches with a water leak repair and the cleaning out of the garage I asked his property manager if I needed to pay and send over a cleaning crew as I would not have the time and I was assured that they were going to clean everything and he even joked “What else would all that deposit money go for”” so we headed to TX. We were all very excited to see our new place and start a new phase of life in a nice house. We arrived late after some delays at 3 am on the day of the 26th of February only to find the slightly older home in need of some TLC was a roach and rat infested hell hole. We had intended on unloading our beds and sleeping and getting up later on and unloading everything but there was no way I could have my babies sleep in a place so filthy and as we inspected the place more carefully we discovered that the floor was sinking in and the roof had a hole in it causing it to rain indoors. We called Khosrow first thing that morning to convey our despair at the condition considering perhaps his managers had lied to him. Another mistake. I told him I was unhappy and instead of apologizing like I thought he would he started cussing and screaming at me and telling me to just get the F— out (even threatening my kids lives) if I did not like it and that I was an ungrateful snob. So I calmly asked him for my money back which only caused him to scream louder and become more angry. Being he refused to even entertain a remedy with me I called the city code enforcement officer to the property and had them come confirm what I already knew and that was that the building was not fit for humans to live in. Since then Khosrow has asserted we have not paid him a single dollar (even though I have proof I paid him)and while we have rented another place he continues to charge us for living here and today (3/19/2012) has sent us an order of eviction rather then repair his damaged property. He thinks he has won by ripping us off and dragging us to court but I will have the last laugh because I intend on collecting every single person (of the hundreds) and teaching him a lesson in court! As I type a new law is being drafted to put slumlords out of business for good! reply to this if you are a victim and want your voice heard and I do not care how many phoney accounts he makes to make himself look good he is now and always will be a rip off!”

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Phone: 9723653630

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