KFC JRN,INC. Blacksburg VA


Complaint: I was hired in at the KFC in Blacksburg VA as the new co-manger.Although I had not worked in fastfood for ten years or more, the store General Manager knew this at the time she hired me. This meant I had to learn the cashiering,cooking, and the nightly paper work that was done by computer. I had also told the GM that I had never worked on a computer before… I was trying very hard because I was grateful for the chance they had given me without the fastfood experince I needed.Right away I noticed the way the GM spoke to her employee’s,but she was very nice to me. That was at first!!! When it came to doing the nightly paper work no one wanted to be in the store late so when it would be time to show me they would say I need to leave early tonight so I’ll do the paper work and will show you next time. Next time never came…Finally I ask one of the team leaders if she could write the things down that I needed.That’s how I learned my self how to do their paper work… Every night I would just take out my notes and get to it. I messed up alot at first but was trying to do this on my own… I worked for the copany for four months in this time I learned the cashiering, cooking, and I was doing the best I could with the computer.My GM said to me that doing the nightly paper work was not rocket science. And that it didn’t take brains to turn on a fryer. I do not think any employer should talk to an employee in this way.BUT, there’s more about the chicken in the great KFC of Blacksburg if they cook it at 10:30am and it doesn’t get sold thats the same chicken you will get at 12:30pm or when ever. She does not like to throw chicken away this would mess up her bonus at the end of the month…If the cole slaw goes out on Monday they serve it until Tuesday.Sure hope no one gets sick. I am now trying to do something about this but not sure quite what to do. Thank you for your time. Colleen Blacksburg, Virginia

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Address: 201 West Seventh Street P.O.BOX1257 Columbia TN. Blacksburg, Virginia U.S.A.


Phone: 540-951-8926

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