Kevin Cannon- Realty Resolution Management – Realty Resolution UNLAWFUL

I found myself in a tough situation and had to sell my second house. Realty Resolution Management is known for creating equity to sell the assets out of distressed real estate, so they were my go to.I worked with Kevin Cannon. He promised me that he would help me get rid of my liability and would get the best deal possible from my bank.I live most of the year in Minnesota, then I go to Florida for the summer. I had no choice but to let my summer home go, so I put my full trust in him.I had about a month left, according to Kevin, before my house was officially sold. I was pleased that he was able to sell the house in a matter of 3 months, but I wanted to see the property one last time so I flew out to Florida.The guy was renting my property out all along! I was astounded to have opened my front door and see two people living there said they had rented the place out for two weeks. They asked me if I was the owner, Kevin.I could not believe what was going on!I gave that mana mouthful and I am trying to figure out the lawsuit that I am going to file against him. The man has some nerve! He should be shut down for doing something so unlawful.

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