Kerste Conner – Kent, Washington Washington


This lowlife psychopath nearly destroyed a 28 year marriage to a retired vet with PTSD in order to fulfill her sick fantasy of living a permanent menage with a wounded warrior. She has personal writings which can be found on goodreads and at [email protected] which show some of her sick thoughts and schemes. She managed to take a good honorable man who was med boarded out of the military with PTSD and twist him and play little games with him. His wife was having a nervous breakdown as was he at the time. My dr. thought I might have stomach cancer and my husband was so distraught when he told her and her answer was come on over and take it out on me. Unfortunately he did. He stayed in an affair with her for a year. She tried to get him to leave me and join her and her husband David Conner and raise her children. The relationship started out as a threesome but my husband couldnt continue with that so he just started sleeping with her instead. She has sick fantasies of being gang raped. Her husband was aware of the affair and even helped recruit my husband to sleep with her skanky ass. He was my best friend and by the end she had him thinking I was his worst enemy and that he had always been miserable with me. He can see her for the vile creature she really is. I literally had to take 5 days deprogramming him. It was like he was in a cult. He didn’t even know who he was anymore. She has a deep thing for military men and it makes it that much worse that she works at a government agency that employs mostly retired vets. This is a seriously dangerous situation. She did her best to make him believe he was bisexual because that is part of her fantasy but didn’t succeed on this one. She is into being fully submitted to. She likes military men because their pencheance for following orders is so ingrained-her words, not mine. She likes them mentally ill so she can twist them into knots. She continued trolling for more men because she was looking for an orgy with all men serving her. She is one very sick individual who has no business working with our retired vets and destroying families that have sacrificed so much. Send her some love at [email protected] and to her husband David at [email protected]. She needs to be stopped!!!!

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By Ronald

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