Kerry K. Hogan Meridian, Ohio Ohio


My husband informed me that he had been having an affair with this woman. Her name is Kerry K. Hogan, and she’s from Meridian, Idaho. She would sleep with my husband knowing that he was married and had two children. || When he told me about the affair after he broke it off, he told me every detail that I wanted to know. She had unprotected sex with my husband and allowed him to cum inside her on multiple occasions. My husband gave me her number when he told me. I called her and she admitted it to me. She had sex with him five times and sucked his dick once. || I demanded that she request to transfer to another lab outside of Meridian, Idaho so my kids and I don’t have to be affected by her in the future. But obviously she has no integrity… Or morals.. || She said she would take a pregnancy test. Then she says she lawyered up. She says she’ll file a civil protection order against me. So I can’t text her anymore about it and she has no interest in doing the right thing by leaving. || So I have every intention of letting other women out there know what kind of person she is. Don’t trust this woman. She’ll screw your husband. (And don’t worry, my husband is getting his dues, too) || All things considered, I didn’t lash out at her. I said she needed to have more respect for herself and for marriage..other people’s marriages. || The thing that bothers me the most is this.. I also asked her what she would do if she were pregnant, and she said she would possibly abort the baby. I think that is the cruelest thing anyone could do in retaliation.

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