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This crazy nasty lying bitch went down on my husband and his brother! Yes a Threeway threesome they had and she lied when I found out and confronted her about it! My old man knew he was caught because I got her number off our phone records and told him she told me everything so he might as well confess and if he leaves out one single detail of what she said I would leave him. So he sang like a bird and I recorded it all on my phone! I also recorded my husband’s brother going off on me at my house and him refusing to leave until I deleted the recording because he didn’t want his wife to find out! I told him to f**k off! Called the cops to make him leave. || After getting husband to sing, I confronted her and she lied, of course and I don’t know why she would lie she’s not married so it’s not like she has anything to lose. She said they all just sat around drinking and talking. Told her I hope she liked it because he and I slept together before he left that night. She then cussed me out and told me she would beat my ass. Well honey why you getting so defensive? Told her fat ass to bring it and she never did. Did it stop there? No. I continued to see where they were talking and texting. I believe it stopped with husband’s brother but didn’t with him so, he’s now gone thanks bitch. Funny though he’s not with you or your kids. You thought you’d have a daddy for now is he???

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By Ronald

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