Kent Clothier – Kent Clothier System is Trash

So far, all that I have experienced with Kent Clothier is pushy salesmen and uninformative DVD’s and videos. The gentleman that kept calling me was trying to get me to invest $10,000 to get my own investment going. | I had not learned enough to make a solid decision. I told him that I was not interested at the time. From then on I got relentless emails and phone calls reminding me I did not have much time left to put a payment down and invest in my future. With the $10,000 I was supposed to get a full course training and establish my own business. It sounded enticing and I wanted to get started, but I did not like the pressure. | I gave in and I put the money down. I regretted it almost instantly.I could not get my money back, and I was roped into courses that were just as dull as the startup DVD’s I had. I cannot say much more for what I have gained from the Kent Clothier experience because I have lost money not made it. I am pretty sure this is just a scam to get people excited and hand them your wallet.

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