Kenneth Shew Oklahoma


Ken started talking to me on Craigslist in regards to a roommate and added me on facebook. I never met him until recently when he kept hitting me up on MeetMe and Facebook all while having a girlfriend. He lied and and told me he was single, convinced me to hang out with him and when I finally did he kept trying to pressure me into having sex with him. He offered to take me out and he never went through and kept coming up with excuses because more than likely he was still with that other girl and unable to sneak around on her then he turned around and tried to add my friend on facebook and hit on my friend. She told him he wasn’t interested and he started insulting her and when I called him out he started insulting me. Kenneth is not honest, he is not faithful, and he does not go through with what he says he will do and when he doesn’t get his way he gets aggressive and angry and goes as far as to childishly lash out against you when you call him out on being a jerk, or when you call him out on his dishonesty. He is a jerk, he’s a cheater, he’s a liar, and he’s a moron and he dates nothing but bigger women because he seems to think that bigger women have low enough self esteem to just sit back and tolerate his bullsh1t. By the way, his penis is very small through the distasteful pictures he sent me. And he will threaten to go to your job and proceed to put you down about your weight even though he evidently loves it seeing as how all he dates I plus sized women. Stay away from this jack ass, people. Save you the emotional energy.he not sh1t, and he’s not worth it.

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By Ronald

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