Kennedy Funding Financial – Kennedy Funding Financial Takes Your Money And RUNS!

Kennedy Funding Financial, LLC, Inc. is one of the worst financial companies in the USA! When you become a client they trick you into something called a “Due Diligence” fee which can cost you up to $100,000 for their services. Don’t ask me more about this fee because every time I have tried to talk to them about it or request a refund, I get ghosted. No callback. No emails back. Nothing. I have tried for months. Finally, I went down to their office and asked them in person about the fee… Guess what… I had an opportunity to dispute the DDF but I had 3 days to do it once it was taken from my account… AND GUESS WHAT? I DID DO THAT… And they never responded. | So, they take your money and run. I have to seek out legal advice to assist further with the proof of attempts to get my money back…. stay away from these horrible and awful financial business people.

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