Kendra Kinchen Columbus, Georgia Georgia


March of last year I went through my husband’s phone and found out that he was cheating on me. The person that he was cheating on me with…. Kendra Kinchen,she was someone that has been to our place of residence and she wanted to be my friend. I never cared for her, therefore she never became a friend of mine. Once I made contact with said whore, she wanted to lie about the relationship that she had with my man. It wasn’t until she got mad because he didn’t leave me for her, and I didn’t leave him, that she wanted to spill her guts about the relationship that they had.She also had her mother call me, but she wasn’t completely honest to her mother about my husband’s current relationship status. T || heir cheating lasted for about a year, and they now have a child together. Even knowing that she was pregnant from my husband, I felt bad for her child (because although she is an adult, she doesn’t have the common sense God gave a crab) so at that point I did try to make amends, and attempt to coexist with her. No, she felt as if I should allow my husband to come and have sex with her because she hadn’t seen him”since she found out she was pregnant.” Wtf?!?!? Really Kendra? She doesn’t have clue or understand what she did was wrong! || At the end of the day, she is a low class zoo animal with no morals, or dignity. She will suck and f**k anything or anyone. Give her some drugs, and vodka and she is good to go!

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By Ronald

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