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Complaint: Warning Beware of these guys: Rusty Strait & Pete Hawkins with Kemistain Concrete, They are CROOKS…They will tell you they know what there doing and show you pictures of work they say they have completed but they are liars. I gave them $6000 to stain my concrete and was told they would warranty there work which was a big fat lie. They also told me it would only take them a week and ended taking them a month to complete the job..My floors look horrible and now have to be redone by a REAL concrete professional. These guys absolutely DO NOT know what they are doing & are complete WACKJOBS…So again BEWARE and don’t contract them to do any woek for you. I am taking them to court and Fox News will be airing a story about them soon…BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE….!!

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: Gainesville, Texas United States of America


Phone: 888-793-2628

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By Ronald

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