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I registered a profile for myself through the website via the employment center link on March 31, 2016 . I received a response from an individual claiming to be an HR rep. for a company April 1, 2016 via email within 24 hours advising me of an employment opportunity with the company and scheduling an online interview with an HR Rep for April 2, 2016. I was instructed to create a google hangouts account for the interview and given a verification code. during the interview I was offered position to work from home , that the company would send a check to buy equipment from a vendor list of their choosing, then provided a tracking number to track the check with instruction to notify them when it arrives before I deposit it. I was further given a list of software that I would be working with. I researched the software online and noticed multiple listings of scams, so I looked up the company website contact and confirmed through their HR Manager that the offer was not legitimate although they do have an employee by the same name, he doesn’t have access to submit job interviews online.

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By Ronald

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