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|| I went out of town in august and came home to finding deleted text messages on my man’s phone. (There was a ghost copy). It was one of his employees. So I text her from his phone pretending to be him at 4am. Are you awake? Her response “am now :)”. I did him a favor and told her… I need to be a good boss. My gf knows that we’re texting. Ect. I told him the next day what I had done thinking I was giving him an out but instead he turned around and told her it was me.I sat down and talked to her very nicely and told her to back off. To my knowledge, it had. Until one night he was at work after midnight waiting for an order “by himself”. I pulled into the parking lot to see her car there. He swore she wasn’t inside but I found out later she was in there hiding. || An email got sent to corporate that she was “banging her way to the top” and that’s when he confessed that this 23 year old kid had come into my house, walked past my son’s room, and had sex in my bed, while I was out of town at my grandfather’s funeral in april. She is a disgusting excuse for a human being. She looked me in the eye with no problem everytime I went into to see him at work. And then behind my back desperately begged him to be with her. Everyone I talk to says she has a reputation of this. And im aware of 6 guys she’s slept with in a two month span and I’m not even friends with her! I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole. Shes obsessive, phsycotic, and dilusional. And she has terrible eyebrows.

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