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Kelly Chris Coburn and my wife are in affair that as far as i can tell started back in may from text messages and when my marriage when down hill. I have talked to him, his mom, his dad, and his stepmom along with the pastor and elders in the church. so far he says “I dont want to cause any trouble be the cause of a break up of a marriage” and yet he still stay in contact with my wife. right know my wife is filling for divorce and breaking up a family with 3 kids because she found someone she is more happy with.Kelly has a record of a class A misdemeanor and according to my older daughter which my wife that it was ok to hang with him and my kids. says he has not job, does not drive and just sits at home watching TV all day. || My kids are upset and it has caused to much tension in the house i am not sure what to do from here. he does not care what his parents,pastors, and what i say.

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By Ronald

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