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I was married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years. He ended up having some issues but hey, we all do. I stood by him 100% until one of his clients started to see his distress and did what any homewrecking whore with no self respect does.. Let’s herself be used. We all know how it goes. But the thing is, she thought this was something to be proud of. She even was happy to say”I got a man to leave his wife” well, no honey, you screwed a married man and this wife left. And guess what, just as i left him. He has left her. Stupid whores! || He now has a super sweet girl friend. BUT this Kelli chic has stalked and harassed her for years!! She is also known as a town whore and gets off on being with someone else’s man. BEWARE!!

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By Ronald

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