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Received a check and a letter in the post via PRIORITY MAIL. It shows Keller Williams as mailing address in 1131 Pin Oak Road Katy Tx 77494. Inside the envelope there was a letter along w/ a check for the amount of 1970.10. The letter states Mystery Shopping where you have to Deposit / Cash the check, keep 350. Buy 4 – 400 dollars Walmart Gift Cards, after purchase open the pack, scratch off the label to reveal the code on back. Take pic of the code and send it via email to: [email protected] Also somehow the scammer got my cell number as well asking if I had gotten this letter in the post and told me the check was legitimate which I knew was a bunch of crockery. The number on my cell was listed as 1-864-999-7538 from the scammer who claims to be JAMES. I immediately blocked the number and shredded the check immediately, I hope no one else falls for this SCAM big time! Thank God I am too smart for any of these scams and will never fall for it.

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By Ronald

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