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My husband and I started dating in 2005 and have been together for 9 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs like all relationships but have stayed by each other thru it all. It began some time in March of 2009, where my husband meet this nasty hoe at the gas station by our apartment where she worked at. He would stop by there each morning on his way to work where they obviously talked and things started to grow. When I first learned about her she was calling my husbands phone and texting him. According to him he knew her then boyfriend who was in the service. What I was told he had done some bad things to her daughter and she had no one to talk to here. Her boyfriend went away and then she moved into our apartments. I asked my husband to stop talking to her because I didn’t think it was right for them to be talking and he promised he would. Two years went by I had seen her time to time at the gas station where she worked and every now and then when she would be leaving or coming home.I went to Las Vegas in the summer of 2011 for my cousin’s wedding and my husband stayed home. The night before I was due back home he sent me a text of his testicles that where swollen. I called him right away and he told me he didn’t know what happen, he was just sitting on the couch and got up to answer the door and had to put his pants on because he was just lying around in his boxer briefs and felt a pinch when he put them on and in an hour later they where swollen. 3 days later the doctor took him to surgery, as I asked a million questions as to how and why would his penis would be broken. Of course my husband lied and told me it was a precaution they have to do. Turns out his penis wasn’t broken it end up being some kind of ruptured blood vessel in his testicles and he recovered from it. I questioned it but had nothing to be able to accuse him of cheating. As far as I knew he didn’t talk to Keisha.We moved at the end of 2012 into a house. During that time work started to slow down for him, about once a week he would work overnight to help get more hours. I once again believed we were great and he could do no wrong. In april of 2013 he went out of state for a month and a half for work. Things were a little rocky for us. With money, our relationship, but never once did I see that he was cheating. Then he returned home mid May. The day he was due home his phone was dead and he didn’t come home till the next day. He left me one message to tell me he was having car trouble but was ok, not to worry he would be home. He didn’t call me until 8am the next day. I was a wreck from being up all night worried. He gave me a bullshit story and once again I believed it and never saw it was all apart of him cheating on me. Then in June he told me the same story, he had to work overnight for two nights and thru the day. He wouldn’t be home, but would rest when he could at work. So I once again believed him. He came home Friday and when I got out of my truck from coming home from work he meet me and was crying and told me he was so thankful to have me and that he wanted to spend nothing more than forever with me. I thought it was odd and was in a bad mood and said to him why are you crying and walked off. We spent the weekend together and he cleaned house and did the yard work without me asking and I was questioning it but didn’t want to mess it up to have him doing all these things. Monday morning came, I woke up feeling good. For some reason I though things seemed really good between us. Walked out the door to go to work and grabbed the mail. There was packages for me, the first one I open was a card with pictures, lots of pictures, I opened it and the first thing I saw was him and her kissing. And picture after picture of him and her texting, talking about sex, and how they love each other. In her card she wrote me and told me they have been seeing each other for over 3 years, she went with him to his best friends wedding, she was the one who broke his penis, looking for house together and he would stay with her in a hotel when he would tell me he was working. He paid for her to fly to Virginia when he was there for work. She told him it was either her or me and he walked away and left her at the hotel and came home. She told him if he choose that it was over between him and her. || Because he didn’t choose her she sent me the card and two packages of pictures of him and her together and texts. Also I learned she supposedly has stage 4 breast cancer and was dying from it. My husband is a sorry excuse for a man. Who can’t be a real man and be faithful and loyal to me and one day it will come back to get him. As for her, if you are truly dying from cancer you wouldn’t be running around being a whore spreading your legs for anything with a penis. A real women would have told that man to grow up and be a real man to your wife or get a divorce. But sluts like her a have no self-respect for themselves and being a hoe is the only thing they know. Her poor boyfriend that she has been with for a year must like sucking out other men’s semen from her nasty snatch! Karma is a bigger bitch then I could ever be, and one day they will both get to meet her! So ladies watch out, you never know when one of these white trash sluts could be in your bed sleeping with your man when you’re away!

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