KB Promotions Free cruise to Bahamas Tampa Florida Review


Because of the horrible economy and job market in Tampa, Florida, I took a job that felons are normally stuck with because of background checks–“a call center.”” Yes

call centers are filled with felons taking your credit card number and selling ‘scams.””I was told I would make $9/hr but would have to buy there $10 headphones for $60 AND pay $20/week for booth rental. Not a very good deal but I took it out of desperation to earn a paycheck. After working at KB Promotions 2.5 weeks selling this 2day/2nights free cruise to the Bahamas I found out from another employee who started one week before me that KB Promotions had lied to me about my pay rate. All employees are told they are making $9/hr and have to pay for this and that. They are warned that if they are ever late or call in sick their pay is dropped to $7.31/hr for the week they were late or called in sick. Then

the following week they get their $9/hr back. It turns out that all employees

whether late or sick one day

loose $2/hr in pay automatically the second week. They are lied to and the rebuttal is

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