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Currently I’m employed by these guys….I understand that I’m a independent contractor, I’ve been self employed for several years before going to work for these guys. I get the paying rent on a small beat up cubical (although I do feel they should replace the ripped and broken chairs). I also understand some of the other things that go on there, having been in sales for most of my life. The product they are selling – vaction packages – is not bad and does in fact save the customer several hundreds of dollars. In fact, I would be willing to buy one of them myself. My problem is the absolute lack of training that you recieve. The company taking money out for breaks and then telling you that you need to stay on the phone to make money (which is true, but don’t deduct the cash out if someone stays on the phone!). Someone else mentioned the loud music, which only seems to be a problem when particualar “managers”” are there. The swearing occurs mostly in the mandatory meetings

which is unprofessional in any office by any standard! The hiring of any warm body with no backround checks or other sort of training is dangerous! After all we are dealing with credt card #’s and oter sensitive information. It opens up the company and the consumer to possible fraud issues. The methods used by the salesmen are “”hard sell”” tactics designed to get the most cash out of a client. While legal and legit I do feel that you need to be wary of going to work for these guys or buyig a vaction package off them.”

3504 Cragmont St tampa, Florida United States of America



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