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I met Kaylee when I started schooling to be a medical assistant. We hit it off pretty quickly and soon became the best of friends. She began to come over and spend nights even weekends at my house studying and hanging out together. My children, husband, and whole family from in-laws to my own parents fell for her and what an amazing person we all thought she was. || Quickly we became inseparable. I loved the fact of having a friend that I could consider a sister and who got along so well with my husband. Her family even became near and dear to us. However, things started to take a turn so quickly I barely had enough time to see it coming. || The first warning signs were how much Kaylee and my husband Matt texted one another. They would text so much he completely stopped talking to me and was always on my phone. I’d mention something and it would stop being so constant for a day or two and back to the same routine. He and I began to argue more and she was so quick to want to talk about it and lend an”understanding” ear. Her advice was”why are you still together” and so on and being so comfortable in our friendship I began to agree with her. || Big mistake! My even bigger mistake was taking her help for an in home babysitter when the opportunity presented itself for me to work a short term second job over night. She stayed at my house for the week with my children and husband while I had school in the morning and work overnight. About a week after this second job ended my husband requested a separation. He claimed he couldn’t take the fighting any more. || I turned to Kaylee who offered the kids and I could stay with her and continued speaking to the two of us about our relationship. Becoming frustrated and suspicious I asked her if she could give us a few days to sort through this without her help or advice and she ended our friendship. Using the exact same words my husband used to end our marriage to end our friendship. || After this Matt came to Kaylees defense on ending the friendship and continued to talk to her non stop even though she claimed to he done with our entire family and not wanting to be put in the middle of things. She began to act fake around me and to our fellow classmates. Sharing my story with people in school making me not want to go to school and left me feeling like I was back in high school. || I started to work on my marriage and myself. My husband Matt continued to have sex with me and telling me the separation was effecting him to. However it went from one day of being hot and heavy usual us to distant and hate for me in his words and eyes. I began counseling and started antidepressants to help my stress and pain. I decided to let him go and not allow him to continue to play games with my emotions and just focus on our children and taking care of the family. || In the midst of the separation I ended up having surgery to repair a hernia and developed blood clots in my lungs, leg, and arm. This was my awakening that there was much more going on with his want for a separation and I finally just detached myself from him. || In early December I was notified of a rumor that Matt and Kaylee were a couple by my Dean. My classes were moved to keep us apart and those that couldn’t keep us apart Kaylee was acting nice and offering me to copy her work which I was quick to turn down and make clear I wanted nothing to do with her. || I asked both Kaylee and Matt multiple times about the truth behind their dating and they both lied to me and were defensive. On my birthday in December just before Christmas I received what seemed like a nice Facebook message from Matt’s account that quickly turned ugly. Apparently someone that was not happy about what they were doing and started the rumors at school to warn me hacked Matt’s account and started sending me all the dirty horrible messages between Kaylee and Matt. || These messages proved that they planned the whole thing together. That Matt was having sex with the both of us at the same time lying to us both. That they were trying to make plans and form evidence against me to take me to court for custody of my kids. I showed him and lost it. I explained that my love for him was unconditional and no matter how hurt and upset I was at him or her had they been honest and upfront and didn’t pull this crap I would have wished them the best because I chose to love him unconditionally and in that I’d want nothing more than his happiness and to make co parenting of our children go as smooth as possible because they deserve only the best parenting from us both. || I was completely crushed and devastated. I’d never have cheated or hurt our family over wanting to have a fling. I was betrayed by a friend and sister to try and take my husband. I felt not good enough. My counseling is what made me realize it was them and not my fault. || Then I began to reflect on where it all started. I remember her ex TJ was married to her close friend then they ended up together and her friendship ruined. For months I heard about how much of a bitch her former friend was and watched her try to become his daughter’s stepmom. Going as far as being the emergency contact at school for his kids and picking them up and caring for them. Even after they broke up she still took care of his girls from time to time then became friends with the same girl she spent weeks down talking. Making jokes about how her favorite meal from Moe’s was the homewrecker because she was one. || I was jaded by her so badly I couldn’t see it coming. Well the jokes on her now because my husband and I are back together and stronger than before after he realized he was wrong and that he loved me and our family and was just as fooled by his lust in the way she seduces and lures married men. He was even hurt by the fact that she was also with another married man during him. Shes a pig who is obsessed with wanting to be married and have a family she goes after those already married with children and preys on their weaknesses. Her own pinterest account is full of wedding ideas, baby photo ideas, nursery ideas and shes a shark circling and waiting to entrap and get one man to bite. || I want everyone to be warned if you’re friends with this childish woman keep your men away from her. She’s dying to have an insta family and will do whatever it takes to get one.

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