Kayla Patrick – Morgantown, West Virginia West Virginia


This girl Kayla Patrick went after my husband because he fit her sugar daddy type: 30’s, good job, facial hair. She started messaging him on Facebook because he was related to one of her friends. She told him how cute our kids were and then told him her big sob story about how her ex-husband cheated on her and beat her. They moved their conversations to SnapChat where she started sending him snaps of her body all the while telling him that she knows he is married but she just thinks he is so wonderful and that I, his wife, wasn’t treating him like a man should be treated. They also talked on the phone almost daily, which is how I found out. Then after a month or so he started going to a buddy’s house to help him with something but he was really going to her house. She constantly had him around her young (under 5) children (one boy and one girl) saying how good of a role model he was for her son and that her kids deserved to have such a wonderful man in their lives. After I figured it out I confronted him, he confessed all of this and said that she was constantly pressuring him to get a divorce from me. Telling him to print the papers and have me sign them. She also made him feel sorry for her since she was a single mom and had him paying at least one of her utility bills. He also said that she openly admitted that she had at least one other man in her life and he too had a wife and child. She said that she could handle both men better than their wives could. So if your man is in his 30’s witha good job and lives in the Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, or Shinnston beware.

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By Ronald

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