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I have been with my husband for 9 years, three years married. I have two children from previous relationships that my husband has raised and considered his own. Before I met him I had had my tubes tied. I met the man that would eventually become my husband and knowing he had no biological children explained that I more than likely could never give him any. He was fine with this, loved my kids as his own and married me. However his parents were not pleased with the fact of not receiving “blood” grandchildren from their only son and constantly berated me for it. I dealt with that guilt our whole relationship but he always assured me it was fine. The woman who would change all that would be a friend of his family’s and a friend of mine as well, Kayla Bennett. She knew are situation and went after my husband and trapped him. They weren’t even as carefully as to actually hide their inappropriate behavior as it was pointed out by multiple members of his family. I just didn’t see until I saw. She intentionally stopped taking birth control, then convinced my husband that he wasn’t happy with me. They started having unprotected sex and soon after she became pregnant. After my first initial eye opener I confronted both of them and they blatantly lied to my face and tried playing it off as I was the crazy overbearing paranoid wife. I worked with this woman and she’d smile and laugh in my face during the day and sleep with my husband at night. Knowing what I know now, looking back at all their questionable activities, the prices are clear and have all come together. I thought this kind of thing only happened in soap operas or on Lifetime but it’s my life. I know there are really evil, deceitful, conniving, scheming females and Kayla is the queen. She’s a serial cheater, always a baby mama and never a wife. Entrapping men to live off child support and government assistance after she has tired of the idiot.

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By Ronald

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