IQD, NDA’s, AND SWINDLERS? – TRANSFORMATION IS COMINGIraq Dinar JCR Group underhandedness and fake UST | RVTRUTHKAWAMURA CAPITAL PARTNERSso is it Donna rutherford or donna retherford? does it matter? she can change the spelling- its the same person, the white trash bankrupt woman from omaha nebraska- is it rodney thomas or rodney L thomas? does it matter? they can change the letters in their names but he is still the low life indian man from Haddonfield NJ who has no house, no money but people dinar and dong- They will both end up in there same place- you guess where that is-Mark Meersman was the leader of a fake group I was involved in without knowledge of their lies- it was also lead by a woman out of Omaha, Donna Ruthersford who fronted for Mark and our Leader and the man responsible for all the lies, Rodney L. Thomas out of haddonfield NJ- now missing and his house has been foreclosed. The entire "group" dinar concept is a scam- we were scammed out of a lot of money a years amount of time – they should be prosecuted and jailed for their lies and acting as Homeland security and Treasury agents- BE AWARE OF THESE THREE NAMES AND STAY AWAY!!If you are not reading this blog or just not listening to others- let me spell it out- These people are taking your money! They are criminals – they are thieves, they are scam artists of the worst kind- Keep your dinar – keep you dong- Rodney L. thomas and Donna Rutherford and Mark meersman are all the above and more- They are the devil- what do you need to hear so that you keep your money to yourselves??? What do we need to say??? Keep you investment, when it rv’s go to a bank and exchange for dollars its THAT SIMPLE- We have all tried our best to tell you who these scum bags are- stay away and you will be set for life- give them your money and you will never sleep again- your choice- god be with you all-he is a bankrupt sport equipment dealer- scum of the earth- they are all bankrupt- this donna ruthersford is his parter with rodney thomas- they have nothing and should be in prison- how are they not? Who is doing anything about these thieves?i was part of this- brought it by rodney thomas and donna rutherford- they made us do everything you spoke of here- we did months of paperwork, spent money, gave those two money to transfer our money etc. all lies- they are looking to scam you- they are roaches and should be collected and jailed for the awful things they have done to good people- mark meersman is their leader and he told us he was a government agent- he is NOT and they are all involved together in this scam- its so awful- they took everything from us- listen up here- this is the worst situation- these people will kill you for $1. stay away and if you do know them call the authorities, i spent so much money believing in them- awful- awful, people, scum of the earthReplyNo one is going to pay more then the RV!!! EVER!! Rutherfords group is made up of criminals- she is a con-woman- you give her your money and info and she will sell it- she has no plans for any deal- NDA is fake- she is fake and her team is fake- my guys in omaha know her and her ways for years- she is bad news people. Donna Rutherford and Mark Meersmans now seem to be working as a team.Replyhad an NDA From markmeersman, donna rutherford and rodney thomans- all lies- all made up- all should be in jail together forever-PLEASE LISTEN- The following is a list of people who are currently scamming people out of their dinar investment- My knowledge is first hand-the following are currently at work scamming -Donna Ruthersford of OmahaMark MeersmanKeith WinsellRodney L thomasThey will ask for endless paperwork- plan to be from the treasury and homeland security and ask for EVERY SINGLE piece of personal info- have you sign a NDA- act as members of the government and get your dinar, some cash for processing and then promise high returns and NO TAXES! they are now acting as a china oil trade deal once RV occurs- THERE IS NO REAL DEAL HERE- these people all have criminal backgrounds, foreclosures and personal bankruptcies- STAY AWAY and if you are in a "deal" with them currently or have spoken to them or they have your info- contact the local police and you state FBI to report them NOW before they take more money from honest people-Rodney l thomas and Donna rutherford are back at it again. They must not be in jail yet but they are trying to trick people into dinar deals once again. They must have crawled out of their holes to start a new scam. Be warned, these two will take your dinar, you money and all of your info and keep you on the hook forever with a fake promise and a kiss every Friday. They should burn in hell for who they have hurt and the lies and sick lives they lead. Be safe and stay away. You will see them coming as the trash always smells the strongest.mark meersman represents himself as a high government official who will be buying the dinar for millions- has all your information and it is as real as you can believe- rodney l thomas and donna ruthersford were his agents in this deal- they are have the info the money and then if you figure out their are thieves and stealing your money you have the chance to get out- if you don’t you are screwed – these people should be locked up the rest of their lives- no wonder they have disappeared- I’m sure the government is out right behind them -I was scrammed and defrauded by Donna Rutherford in 2013. Donna Rutherford is being investigated by my county sheriff department and they are going to prosecute her to the fullest extend of the law. Please tell everyone that you know she scammed to contact their local law enforcement to bring her to justice. I spoke with the Omaha, Nebraska police department and they instructed me to give all of my evidence against her to my local police and my local police would contact them and they would also contact in the FBI to bring charges against Donna Rutherford. If you have been scammed or swindled by Donna Rutherford and her partners please take a stand and stop her from ruining good hard working people. Stop her from ruining lives. Contract the Omaha Police Department or your local police department.Donna Rutherford15329 W. StreetOmaha, Nebraska 68137402.895.6710402.212.3858402.213.0717Kangen Water – Omaha14301 FNB Pkwy # 100Omaha, NE 68154-7200Husker Wine Club (@KaiaMarketing) | TwitterDonna Retherford (@5KDiva) | TwitterKangen Water [email protected]

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