Kaufman’s Wedding World Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania Review


On Monday, April 13, 2004, we purchased a dress which they had previously sold to another classmate after they verbally guaranteed that they would inform anyone from the same school that some one else had purchased the dress. Obviously they did not because we ended up with the exact dress as one of our friends. Upon discovery, they refused to exchange one of the dresses for another. We were not asking for a refund or credit, simply for an exchange. To date we have been unable to reach anyone who would assist with this problem. nTheir customer service consists of an answering machine which is nerver checked and you never get a call back. No one is held responsible for their actions and so issues are left unresolved. I then attempted to reach them via e-mail, promptly received an response, without a name, who promised to look into it, requested receipt numbers, and have not heard from them since. They do not answer any of my e-mails now, and have polietly ignored any other requests for information concering this problem. n I have contacted the “Better Business Bureau””

and the “”Attorney General’s Office”” and will continue to follow through on this issue. Someone must be held accountable for these unethical business practices

so that other consumer’s are safeguarded. Perhaps if others are made aware of these practices

they will not shop there and this company may be forced to adjust their business practices. Hurt them where it hurts

in their pockets

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By Ronald

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