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Me and my daughters father (Tyler Child) were legitimately trying to work through our problems, making plans to move in together, looking at engagement rings, going to church and even discussing having another child. I knew in my heart that I wanted to be with him and I’d do everything I could to keep him. I pushed so many good people out of my life because Tyler just flat-out didn’t like them. || Tyler had always struggled with the truth but up until this point he had never taken his cheating past a lie here and there telling me he was at work when he was really out at dinner or at the bar. He always came home every night. Recently, he had a wedding in Sheridan for his little brother that I was not invited to. Sunday, when he was supposed to be coming back he called and said that he would be back in town late because he drove 3 hours the wrong way on the interstate. (Bullshit) I was volunteering for the concerts during CFD. My phone is blowing up with my friends trying to call me because this man is walking around with a nasty blonde PREGNANT little skank. She is 16 weeks pregnant with HIS baby. I’m not surprised that he had been lying again about working but how did this bitch not know about me? I’ve been with this man for 3 years. He’s got me all over his Facebook and he isn’t hiding me from his family or friends. How is this bitch that stupid? || Now this girl is trying to play mommy to MY daughter and telling me that I’m just jealous. News flash sweety, I’m not jealous of you or your nasty cum crusted twat. I’m pissed off because you are a scandalous, homewrecking piece of shit.

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