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I’ve been with my husband for almost 2 years (married) this nasty whore reunited my life. First of all I wanted to say that I take care of not only my child but my husband’s 3 kids. He does nothing, I do everything. Cleaning, feeding, bathes everything & there extreamy disrespectfull to me. Anyway, I went on a trip to nj to go visit my mother who I haven’t seen in 12 years (BC of problems between her & my father) I was gone two weeks. My husband made a promise to me he would stay faith full & he texted me every day & night 24-7 telling me how much he missed me & loved me. But at the same time he was texting this whore, asking her to take a shower with him & sending each other dirty pictures & from the moment she meet my husband she knew him & I were married! || But she’s nothing but a HOMEWRECKER ! they’ve snuck off together he’s 28 & she’s 18 . theve had sex in my bed & in my house , they spend all the time together wile I was visiting my mother . when I got home I had no idea , he was texting her behind my back & after I’d fall asleep . everything wile he layd in bed with me . that whore what the only thing on his mind . I feel stupid for not seeing it . the only time I seen his phone was after he deleted it all but it was all over his email . but he let me hold his phone for a couple mins & a text piped up from her calling him baby . both of them are worthless pieces of shit . I really hope they enjoy there time together & I hope she enjoys his small dick ( she told him it was small from the picture ) Lmfao . there not togeather BC she’s with another man . my husband is begging for me back , but they made there own bed & they can lie in it . I was destroyed when I seen the texts & the songs theve deacated to each other . I loved my husband more than anything & I took care of him every hospital visit , everything sick day ( he has Heath problems ) & this is what I get ? To be shit on ? To be a walked all over ? To be treated like this ? Its okay all I need is my child . no one else !

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By Ronald

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