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Kati”bop bop” Blouir. Where do I start…. well I’ll start with the fact that she has slept with my boyfriend, my sisters boyfriend, and her sisters boyfriend. My boyfriend seen a car broken down on the side of the road. He pulled over to help her and she said she thought her brakes were bad. So he checked for a leak and drove it for a minute and told her it was fine to drive it home but he could follow her in case something happened. My boyfriend and his friend Matt were following her home and she pulled in hey driveway and walked to my boyfriends car and invited them both in. She started talking to Matt my boyfriends friend and he ended up sleeping with her. Then a few days later she texted my bf asking him where matt was and how can she see him again. || Long story short I got off work and came home with our 10 month old son and my bf wasn’t home it was close to 9pm. So I called and called and got no answer. So I called his aunt who is like his mother to see if she’s heard from him and she said he went to fix a car. ..that immediately came into my mind about how he looked at some girls brakes (at the time he was telling about her car he left out that him and his friend Matt went inside..). So I got worried and I checked his calls on our phone plan online and I called the last number he talked to which happened to be Kati. Yes he was over there! This random skank answered the phone and I asked to talk to my bf and the s*** actually handed him the phone. || I found out that he had gone over there a few times. Then my sister found out that she slept with her bf at a party as well. This girl Kati is a piece of trash. She GAVE custody of her daughter to her ex husband because her daughter was too much work for her… and she claims she has all these medical issues just to get attention. Well she got attention all right….. known as ohio’s biggest HOMEWRECKER and she doesn’t even care. Disgusting.

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By Ronald

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