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My Fiance and our kids moved down to Florida for better opportunities in Feb of 2014. Got away from drama back home and better work. Things were great until his guy friend moved in with us. Shortly there after mid June my fiance lost his job. He then started taking off with his friend who introduced him to Kathy Spivey. He started blocking me on facebook and some nights not coming home. We were left with a decision to move back home in August and start over…not knowing the whole time hes been cheating. The night before we were starting our trip back home she picked him up, Knowing and fully aware that he has a family at home. || We finally make it back to Ohio and she starts calling him crying saying she is pregnant and she will drive 1300 miles to get him. She continues to blast her relationship with my fiance on facebook. She has been told by me that he has a family but continues to get him to keep a relationship with her. This woman has 3 kids on her own and not with the fathers but wants to tear apart someone else’s family for her own satisfaction.

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By Ronald

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