Kathy Jackson aka KJ – Norwich, Connecticut Connecticut


My boyfriend and I have always had our issues, but have recently decided to take on couples counseling to try and save our relations due to having a daughter together. I have known for sometime that he has attempted and succeed in cheating on me before with a co-workers friend, a family friend, and my sister. When I found out he had attempted to sleep with my sister, I comforted him. This was when I found out that he had actually slept with an old co-worker from Target, Kathy Jackson or as everyone knows her KJ. || From what he told me, he dropped our daughter off at daycare, skipped all responsibilities for the day and slept with KJ, then picked up our daughter from daycare and went about his normal day. He has no remorse for doing any of this. Now, from what I know about KJ is that she has been twice removed from her job at Target, or relocated due to sexual relations with other co-workers and there was always a rumor going around at work that my boyfriend and her were already sleeping together. I do not know how many times they slept together, but if this women is willing to cheat on her husband and three kids who knows what she is willing to do with other women’s men. Watch out ladies your men are no longer safe to walk the race track at Target by themselves anymore.

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By Ronald

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