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My husband and I have been happily together for almost 3 years. While working at a local restaurant/bar he often talked about Kathryn better known as Kat who everybody pretty much made fun off due to her unfortunate life style. We all felt sorry for her, she lives with her parents who she’d mention steal her money which led her to never be able to save and move out. Kathryn had a hard time finding a job at times due to her poor hygiene teeth to be exact, as she barely had any. She didn’t have many friends and the ones she did have often made fun of her and her weight. She was present when my husband and I married and was on both of our social media website. || I noticed some strange behaviors with my husband starting Oct 2014. Not wearing ring at work, cologne being taken to work along with change of clothes, he refrained from asking me to come hang out, times of work would change to working later and later, texting late at night secretly. Shed often pick him up and give him a ride but again It never crossed my mind she would have been the one. I decided to put a recorder in the house and had access to full conversations…It got ugly…she got fired to say the least and all though he was the one who proceed and took it further It just bothers me to no end that there are woman who really don’t care who they hurt. Karma got her though…real good. || I on the other hand feel like I dealt with the situation like a real trooper and was able to put this behind me. At the end of the day he remains completely embarrassed,humiliated and disgusted at the thought of what might have transpired if I wasn’t the real woman I am today…Lesson learned…With counselling, church and two people who wanted to work this out him and I continue to be happily married…stronger than ever.

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