Kathryn Dixon Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This girl has been ‘friends’ with the man that I am about to have a baby with. New years Eve I had to work and couldn’t go hang out with him and friends. She was there and ended up fucking him and later texting him and saying it was so good and she would do it again and that she was on birth control and got her period so he shouldn’t worry. He is in the wrong too, but she slept with him knowing I’m having his baby in less than two months and we are working on our relationship. || I found pictures of her posing almost nude on his phone that he never asked for. Now she wants him to get me to like her so she can see my baby and watch him. No. Way. In. Hell. Will that be happening. She can take her ugly mini cooper and drive it into a burning building. Homewrecker I hope karma gets you so good little slut.

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By Ronald

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