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Fishing Karsof Systems Aquatic Technologies Karsof Systems for Fishing Guides Fishing Karsof Systems only helped us catch thin air! Worse, we never received our fishing maps in the mail! Do NOT trust Karsof Systems Fishing Tours! We have been doing fishing tours for MANY years, now. Karsof Systems contacted us to see if they could sell us some new fishing lours and GPS-precision maps for finding fish best in Washington! Karsof Systems did NOTHING for us and we never got our lours! Our order was placed in January of 2015 and Karsof Systems never sent us anything nor have the Karsof Systems “fishing experts” called us back! They offer such products as the: Karsof Systems Rugged Lour Karsof Systems Fishing Guide for Seasoned Fishermen Karsof Android & iOS Systems GPS Fish Locator It wasn’t a big enough order for us to want to sue anyone over this but our small fishing tours company could have REALLY used the products we ordered. We highly suggest you do not hire Karsof Systems for your fishing-guide needs! Thank you for your time, Claire

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