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Well here it is, about a month ago, my boyfriend of over a year started acting distant. He suddenly seemed like he lost interest in out family, and his “hanging out” was more important. One night around the beginning of June, he decided to hang out with his friend, Zach, they went out to the bar, where my boyfriend picked up this slut, Karri Cline. (What a winner right?) Anyways, my boyfriend continued to act different so I decided to snoop through phone records, where I found the phone number of 21741540**. Between my boyfriend’s number and this number, there were multiple texts, picture messages, and phone calls exchanged, multiple times per day. So what did I do? I searched the number, which happened to match up to Karri Cline. I confronted my boyfriend about her, and I confronted her, via text. Trust me I was respectably nice to her, given the fact that she wasn’t committed to a relationship, he was. All the slut had to say was “I don’t know you, don’t text me.” After telling my boyfriend I would find out the truth, and if I had to dig I wouldn’t even consider working it out with him, he confessed that he had slept with her. This all took place yesterday, so I’m still in shock that he would stoop so low. So ladies, beware if your man plans on going out with the guys anywhere in Jacksonville, IL, Karri Cline is a home wrecking bar slut, she would sleep with anything that walks.

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By Ronald

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