Karolina Koaches Pettigrew Arkansas


Complaint: I purchased my Heartland Cyclone thru ebay online. Was told it had a clear title, everything works and no leaks. Purchased the vehicle on Jan 14, 2017 and wasn’t able to use it until March 18, 2017. After my first use I discovered that the vacuum cleaner, the fuel station, and various other problems existed. Tried to get my title that day and was told “after the check clears we will mail it””. I paid with a cashiers check and cash so that should not take long. A month later I finally got my title and then discovered it was a repossed unit! I would have never bought a repo had I known about it. No leaks? The shower hose leaked and was way to short

Tags: RV Dealers

Address: the propane system leaks

Website: replaced the mattress with a wore out POS

Phone: so far no water leaks. The people that had it before me stripped it down

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