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Karol Cersoky, (an employee of Nexstim), contacted my husband through a social networking site. They had briefly dated in college over 20 years ago. She was having marriage problems of her own and felt bad about herself, so she reached out to my husband to make her feel good about herself again. You know the”cliche”, the one that got away. And yes, he is as much as fault as she is…but right now this is about her. She knew he was married with children and decided to pursue him anyways. She lives half way across the country from us, so their relationship was mostly emailing and facetiming during the day and late at night to try to keep it from me. She flew half way across the country to”rendezvous” with my husband in a hotel and have sex with him on 2 separate occasions, right before Thanksgiving and again a week before Christmas during 2014. Leaving her own 3 children and work behind so she could have sex with a married man. || Thank you for a lifetime of those Holiday memories. She knew he was married, however, selfishly kept this fantasy relationship going for six months to try to make herself feel better, while destroying a family out of her own purely selfish needs and wants. To knowingly pursue a married is the most selfish and destructive thing you can do to everyone involved, especially the kids. (she has 3 of her own, 1 boy and 2 girls). How did she think it was going to work living in separate parts of the country, not to mention neither could leave their jobs or families behind. It was out of a need for her to feel wanted, loved an special, by somebody else’s husband. Fellow married ladies beware, she is a nurse who travels and trains people now. So if your husband works in a hospital setting, keep out a watchful eye for this destructive, self serving woman.

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By Ronald

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