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If youu2019re thinking of working for the Karma Group, youu2019ll want to read this before making the leap. A few months ago I found an online job posting from a company called the Karma Royal Group, which sounded very good in terms of offering relocation package and the opportunity to make lots of money, all while experiencing the lifestyle that only many would dream of back in their home country. Having experienced many jobs in my life, I have quickly learned that a lack of peace in our professional life can affect all the other spheres of life. Having a bad job is not only about the working pressure but the working environment as well. The last job I was in while working for the karma royal group has provided me with some of the darkest experience one can think of. I used to work on the sales deck of the karma office in the role of a sales representative. Yes, it seems like a dream job, but it is nothing like it. The main responsibility of my job role was to sell our vacation club membership to tourists who are on holiday in Bali. The Karma membership is great, but the working conditions for the office is what I have qualms about. The office is located next to Jimbaran beach attached to the Karma Group Jimbaran resort. It was only after a few weeks of working, that I soon realized that this job was nothing what they said it was going to be, and the actual experience was going to be something much worse. The issues I faced while working for the karma group False claims during advertisement and interview with Karma group representative It is a common experience to many and I was no exception to be a prey of false claims. The responsibilities, power, authority, facilities, and compensations promised during the initial stages of the recruitment were never mentioned again. All the claims the officials of the karma group made were just eye-catching bluffs to lure in manpower at cheap rates and just to get their sales made. There was no chance for me to make decisions of my own and all I had to do was blindly follow the orders of someone who should have been fired a long time ago, let alone to not even be qualified to be in a management position. Poor communication There was a lack of communication every step of the way among the entire management team. This made for constant reprimands by the management to the entire sales team. Yes, some managers would even manipulate you and always say if you never made the sale, that it was entirely your fault. The entire karma royal group management had set up corruption throughout their entire office. Lack of managerial support The managers of the karma sales deck were just interested in earning their profits and the employees are just mere tools that can help them in the process. The management authorities never treated us as humans but as robots. They would never come up in your support in case you needed it for any better opportunity. The term u2018Meanu2019 is not even enough for them. We were just pawns to them and were easily replaceable. We would be threatened repeatedly with the thought of others replacing our positions if we did not make the sales quota. If you feel you want to speak out to any of the managers, you will be punished, as was observed many times during my time there. Extreme workload The workload was too much and the reward was not nearly enough. We worked 6 days a week with only one day off. The 7th day was also taken at times. I had been constantly on duty for 38 days in a stretch without any weekly leave but received no recognition or award for the effort. These things kill your motivation and is felt among the entire karma group sales deck. I remember one incident when I had to 4 tours in 1 day, while others quietly sat not having gone out once. Each tour took about 2 to 4 hours and I had worked into the night. You will be pushed to do your duties even if you are suffering from ill health. Unsuitable work environment The karma office environment was not suitable as well. As there was a gap between the managing authorities and the working staffs, everyone was up to their own interests. The office staffs would be worn out, miserable, and deeply unmotivated. One of the manangers that was supposed to manage the team, would rather oogle at the women on the floor rather than performing his duties. His dirty looks and talks disgust a lot of female employees in the office. Lack of deserved commissions and allowances There were repeated problems when it came to disbursing the allowances for traveling to get your visa. Things turned out as such I had to bear the traveling charges from my own pocket to fly out of the country. A small price the multi million dollar Karma Group could easily bear. The incentives and commissions were just a myth. They were fairy tales that were heard just once during the interviews. u201cYouu2019ll make easily $10,000+u201d Or u201cone sale could land you $1,000u201d. Overall, the package offered for the role and the pressure of the job was never proportional. I was stuck here for a few months and had already developed a lot of health issues. I was sleep-deprived and had no means of recreation. I was starting to feel like a zombie and wanted to flee as soon as I can. When I left the job with the karma group, they did continue to pay me for the few sales that I did make, so there was one upside to the job. Theyu2019ll lure you in with big dreams of making so much money, and youu2019ll be living the most amazing life in Bali, Indonesia, but in actuality you wonu2019t have a life beyond the karma group office. I am happy to be free from that organization, and I do not recommend anyone to work there either.

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