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Complaint: all right well i took my maxima to karls for a little electrical work, he quoted me no more than 300$ and one week i called at the end of two weeks, asked him about my car, and he didnt know what i was talking about. it took him ten minutes to find my car and took me ten minutes to re-explain why it was there after he understood he told me to call him in a week, i did he said that his mechanic was out sick and to call him in a week again. i did this time he said it was done and to come and pick it up. the originally agreed price of 300$ was now 425$ because they had to change the oil and they also had to rewire the trunk because a fire took place there, the fire was also their fault but anyway i cant handle confrontation so i paid it took it home and was ready to get it safety and emissioned. i am an inspector at an oil change shop so i was checking it out. the horn didnt work, neither did the high beams. further investigation found that the air conditioning and the heating didnt either i was pissed i took it back and told him that they didnt fix it all the way so he told me to leave it there and call him the next day, i did and he told me to call him in a week, again at the end of the week i went to pick it up they charged me another 250$ to replace a fuse and a wire loom they screwed me good do not go there for any reason other than to tell them you are not going to go there they are why everyone thinks mechanics are evil money hungry jerks remember do not go to karls european car care/karls foreign automotive Parish Bountiful, UtahU.S.A.

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Address: 845 South 500 West Bountiful, Utah U.S.A.


Phone: 801-295-6891

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