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My husband knew this woman in high school and they were friends. Nearly 20 years later they find one another on Facebook and start chatting. While they were friends on facebook, I was never told of the phone calls they were making to one another. I didn’t find this out until after my husband told me he wanted a divorce because he wasn’t happy. 13 1/2 years of marriage and he just wants to quit?! It wasn’t a perfect marriage and we had our issues but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. || Anyway, I finally looked at a cell phone bill (for another reason) and see the same number pop up over and over. Some calls were only a few minutes while others were for hours. All calls done while he (they) were both at work or while he was on a detail. One or two were made while he was home but I wasn’t. She swore to me they were just friends and so did he. My husband moved out a month later. For the next 9 months any time I question him or called her they both swore they were just friends. I was served divorce papers Jan 2014. I joined a dating site Feb 2014 and boy was I given heck for that. They both threw that in my face when they had a chance. Sept 2014 I get the confession from my husband. Our divorce never went through because he wouldn’t give me what I wanted. So we were fighting. He admitted they started a relationship just a few months after he left. He admitted sleeping with her before filing divorce and that he thought he loved her. Turns out she cheated multiple times on him, talked down to him at times and basically showed him the grass isn’t always greener. || This woman knew how I was hurting, she knew my daughter was hurting and yet neither of them cared. This one is a homewrecker! She even told my husband”you know if you didn’t have me you’d be back with your wife!” Like she is some damn prize. She dates guys with money so she can continue her lifestyle she used to live with her ex husband,who cheated multiple times on her. She dumped my husband for a man who also owns his own company, has a boat and a lifted truck. My husband doesn’t have any of that or much money and she barked up the wrong tree with him because I’m not the type of girl to let you steal something from me and walk away quietly! Oh, the man she is with now is also still legally married and had photos of him and his wife on facebook in april (like me and my husband- she liked the photo) and Aug 30 the guy posted a pic of him and her as his profile pic to officially announce them as a couple. So.. Tell me she isn’t a homewrecker?!

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