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I was with my husband since 2003. In 2012 I noticed he was working extra hours but I did not see a financial difference at home. I became suspicious when he would come home at 1 or 2 AM, he would not answer the phone after 7 PM if I called him. He was a mechanic! Best Western hotels reward cards started showing up to my house in his name. He deleted me as his wife on Facebook and changed all passwords to his accounts. I questioned him about a”friend” named Karla who kept sending him private messages and texts. Turns out she’s a parts-delivery girl from (removed), and she delivered him some extra parts alright! || She gave him an ultimatum in 2014, he filed for divorce in March and moved out in June. In August he starts to come around saying that he wants to come back, but it’s difficult for him. In January of 2015 I stopped by his shop and she just happened to be there, and that’s when I found out that he’s been with her since 2012 and they had been living together since he moved out of our home in June 2014, all the while telling me he lived in a studio apartment and he had a hard time getting enough signal on his phone (he never answered calls or texts from me or the kids except on Saturdays which was his day with them). || He abandoned our family, our 4 kids for her and her 2 kids, and the entire time she knew he was married and did her best to break up this marriage.

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