Karla Maria Diaz Marin Georgia Cheaters


My husband was away 10 weeks for school. One night his buddies asked him to go out, he rarely does, not at home at least. He says his friends are the ones that started to talk to this girl, the ones who got her # and sent a text message (right, because in this day in age people willingly give up their electronics specifically a cell phone). The following day he notices a # he doesn’t recognize so he texts it to see who it is, he finds out it’s a woman so he continues to talk to her and figure out who it is (couldn’t just said ok it’s a woman goodbye) and he does. Talks to her all day. || He says it wasn’t him, that he didn’t want to talk to her (yet I look through his phone and see a text message from one of his”buddies” asking if he was going to meet up with her). I asked him, why would they have asked you that. How do they even know you talked to her after the bar, after all you didn’t get her #, you didn’t know who she was at first. Oh yeah, I’m sure it’s because he was parading her around with his”buddies”. Anyhow, he continues this”friendship” as he’s called it a million times the remaining of his time away from home, all the while telling me he can’t talk or text because he’s in class (yet phone records show he was a busy little texter with her, but it wasn’t him, it was his friends, AGAIN because you know people willingly give up their phone and not everyone has a cell). || A friend of mine tells me she thinks her husband (who is also away at school with mine) is cheating on her, she saw the phone records. Sparks me to look through mine after they get home (7wks have gone by since he started talking to her). That’s how I found out. Through this she has also been contacting him even though she herself is married w 4 kids of her own. I call the #.and a woman answers I hang up (could easily be a man’s wife who answered the phone, I’ve answered his before). The feeling doesn’t go away so I call again a couple of days later, same woman. Finally I call a third time and ask how long she’s been talking to someone from (insert state) and she starts laughing and hangs up, I’m confirmed. I call him up at work and ask wtf and he’s like what, what did I do. I tell him I’m leaving w our kids if he wants to see them to come home before I leave. He doesn’t believe me, I’m in the process of booking a flight, I do, most expensive plane ticket I’ve.bought! He comes home and still lies. || 3 months later I’m checking emails because I need something and wow what do I find, nude pictures from this woman. He says she sent them to him without his asking, hmmm. Ok so she texts them and you download and email them to yourself? Ok, right. It wasn’t one, two or three. Multiple. || I go on fb find her and decide to message these pictures to her mother in law and friends husbands. || I confront her and she is”shocked my pervert husband has these only one person has it and that was her friend who was the one fucking my friends husband”. || Long.story short, karma is a bitch. A while later I scoop through her fb page and she all of a sudden she has morals (see attached). || I left my husband and since she’s had multiple men and in the end her husband left her (from the looks of fb) and is such a self righteous woman who respects herself and relationships.

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By Ronald

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