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It is charity fraud. Other examples: a family-run non-RC Karitas organization that capitalizes on the similarity to the very valid and transparent RC organization Caritas. Karitas, with a K, advertises for its work in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico, requesting "funding" or selling "missionary trips". The main part of the charity are the two rather elegant houses for the father and son’s families in Ahuatepec, Morelos, Mexico. All of the rest of their "expensive" work is superficial and meaningless. I do not doubt they would be able to have "testimonies" as to their virtues but the hard accounting numbers show a lot of overhead and very little result. They are backed by Mrs. Tamara Newell, priest in the Anglican Church in Mexico and wife of a former subsecretary in Mexico’s President Fox’s cabinet, Dr. Robert Newell. The Anglican Church here is independent from the U.S. church, yet the U.S. church–TEC–still issues valid tax deductible receipts for U.S. citizens who contribute to a foreign church. They have every "i" dotted, every "t" crossed, I am sure–lots of money lets one hire expensive accountants–but morally these are highly questionable.

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