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May 17th is the day I actually caught my husband cheating – but he and Karina met back in Feb 2014 when they both went to work for a new gym in Hoffman Estates called (removed) Fitness. They mainly communicated via text messages – him asking if she was going to take his class (they are both personal trainers at this gym) and saying she should allow him to train her. Several bits and pieces of their conversation were missing from his phone when they would speak, leading me to the assumption that he was deleting parts of the conversations. I actually caught him with another woman – and when I also brought up Karina he denied it. || On June 22nd, I had found out that they were going to see a movie together – where I waited in the parking lot for them and saw them walking arm in arm. I confronted them and both told me nothing was going on. Since then, they have been staying in hotels, going to parties, clubs, etc. On September 30th he sent me an email saying how he never intended on divorcing me, never has never will. When I confronted this tramp and showed her the email, she proceeded to tell me I was the one who ruined my marriage for being a horrible person. Little does this tramp know that I have financially supported him for the entire 8 years we were together! We have 2 children together, 3 & 5 whom he doesn’t visit, he doesn’t help support, nothing. All while is off with this young girl. || She knew he was a married man – I met her at the grand opening of their gym. She met our two young children then as well. Karina is also in the army, and I have contacted her command, sent them all the photos and emails I have and they have not done a thing to reprimand her. After I confronted her and let her know that I had photos of her laying on the bed from a hotel visit and a photo of her in a thong and they went to her command – she got all quiet. Next thing I know I receive an email from my husband saying he was going to file for divorce (which he still has not done but has made her to believe he has) and if I threatened her again he was going to have a police report filed on me. Seriously? She can go take a man from a family, be in the army, yet she cannot stand up for herself? All the while, she denies everything, but if you see photos posted on her FaceBook and their gym page, (removed) Fitness, those two are always together, arm in arm, smiling. She know he is still married – she saw the email of him saying”I have no intention on divorce never did never will . I’m just so upset with myself and ashamed .” He takes her on expensive dinners, buys her Nikes, etc and she is perfectly ok with this knowing he has small children, not to mention an older daughter. She does not care – yet she has the audacity to say I am the horrible person. || She is the worst kind of homewrecker – knowing this man is married, has children, and feels perfectly ok to sleep with him and take his money. Something she should’ve learned in the army is integrity – seems like she missed that lesson.

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By Ronald

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