Kari Anne Skalitsky-Pina – McAllen, Texas Texas


Kari Anne Skalitsky-Pina has made a career of lying, cheating and taking credit where she’s done nothing. She’s tried lying about her GPA to get into grad school at UTRGV formerly UTPA but she obviously got caught and banned from ever applying. She works at USDA CPHST APHIS PPQ Mission Laboratory in Edinburg Texas and has the worst reputation there. Anyone who is smarter or just catches on quickly is fired because she sabotages everything. She is incompetent and the only thing that keeps her there is the fact that she’s white and is known to suck dick to get where she’s at. A year after getting married she makes out with her best friend Martin and quickly gets him fired because she didn’t want her husband finding out. Keep in mind that they both work at the Edinburg Fire Department. She is now furious that Dr. Conway is no longer her boss because she used to get her way by simply slipping under his desk and giving him head. That however backfired because she began demanding too much while still making mistakes on the simplest of tasks. One of the summer interns walked in on her and Dr. Conway and has since made it a point to ruin their career and got her friends to help her. Good luck dumb bitch and I hope you get a DNA test to find out who’s child you’re carrying- your husbands, your best friend or your boss!!

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By Ronald

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