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We booked holiday accommodation with holidays4u.org in Fuerteventura. When I alhad paid the entire amount-around 1,000 weekly rental-for beach front holiday accommodation (called Villa Consuela on the website) in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.I received the confirmation of booking from Karen Durant of holidays4u.org.At the very end of the booking confirmatione-mail was introduced a new condition : that “noise”” had to be “”kept to a minimum”” as the accommodation was situated in a residential area and locals had to get up for work. As we had four noisy young children travelling with us

I contacted Karen Durant and pointed out that this condition was not in the original ad for the property

that it rendered the property unsuitable forour particular partyand that if it had been brought to my attention at the outset

I would not have booked that particular property. This occurredthe day after I had booked the accommodation. Karen Durant insisted that it had been in the original ad for the property

that if I wished to cancel200 or so (I can’t remember exactly

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