Kalyn Marie Guthrie Montgomery, Alabama Alabama


Well I am going to go into detail. My husband and I have been happily married for going on 6 years in April 2015 we have 4 little girls . Well one day I got on our desktop to get on facebook and my husbands Facebook was open and available for me to view. So being the nosey wife that I am I went to his messages. Let me fill you in before I go into full detail. My husbands aunt lives in Montgomery, Alabama and has lived there since I can remember. || My husband and I have been together for 12 years and married for 6 of the 12. Well there was a message from this girl Kalyn Marie Guthrie that lived in Montgomery, Alabama he had been friends with her when he was younger I had never heard of her before. Well we live in Louisiana so I didn’t think anything of it and their conversation was very minimum and very innocent except the part when she said she forgot the he was married when it clearly says it on his Facebook and he told her in the messages that kinda made me mad but I took it with a grain of salt and moved on I didn’t mention it to him or nothing like that. Well so the road started to get a little rocky and he started to say he was unhappy and that I was too mean to him and that he was thinking about leaving me well so then I got suspicious so I started checking his Facebook well there was nothing. So one day he came home from work and he said he was leaving me and the girls. So I was devastated and I checked his Facebook and they had been talking about how he was unhappy and they exchanged numbers and then they started texting well I got her number and called her and she said girl you don’t have to worry about me we are just friends and I would never be with a married man… || Well I didn’t believe her of course so I said ok and then I find out my husband is leaving town and going to visit his”aunt” in montgomery well yeah right I am not stupid and I wasn’t born yesterday so I knew what he was going to do. Well him and her started dating and sleeping together well come to find out my husband is not the only man she has been with come to find out she cheated on her boyfriend with yes another married man. So she is a big homewrecker and needs to be exposed because apparently she likes married men. Then my husband came back to me and the girls and she her little heart broken oh well maybe next she will go after someone who is single.

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By Ronald

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