Kait kittredge – Little b1tch girl Utah


Well this little girl here felt like she needed to invite herself on my little brother’s relationship. My brother had a baby 5 months ago started cheating on the mother of his child when his son turned 4 months old. The woman he is currently living with the mother of his son has allowed him to stay in the home and to help raise their son for the next four months until they can get out of their lease. So the mother of my nephew goes to her family’s for Thanksgiving comes home on Sunday, checks her GPS knows 5 minutes after she left my brother went to the little girls home had sex with her video taped it also took pictures. So the mother of my nephew comes home on Sunday to discover all these pictures and videos in his phone after my brother said he wanted to be with her and was in love with her and wanted to be a family then goes and has sex with some little girl 5 minutes after she leaves to go to her family’s home… Also this little girl has been completely aware for the last three years that my brother and the mother of his child have been together!! She has been fully aware and fully aware of her actions she claims to be in touch with the universe, and have so much love to give. She doesn’t understand why I don’t accept her because we’re a family of pagans which is absolutely not true!! This girl is straight up a clown and continues to harass the mother of my nephew by sending her the pictures and the videos after she’s already seen them just to be more manipulative and more disgusting and a sick perverted no respect little girl

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By Ronald

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