Kailey Stoner – Little girl trying to play big games. Minnesota


3 times. I’ve found her reaching out to my husband. Twice I’ve been nice about confronting her and flirting, hitting on my husband, and constantly blowing up his phone calling, trying to video chat. Finally my husband drops snd blocks her. Months later, here we are a third time, new account messaging my husband wanting to “talk”. I had warned her to never come back, and here she is. Now shes playing dumb, saying she never did anything wrong. Yet I have screen shots and multiple apologies from her. She wants to blow up my husbands phone, I want to blow up her social media. Oh shes also ranted to me how she was trying to get a guy at work to go out with her, while he was in a relationship and she was in a 6 yr relationship.

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By Ronald

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